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Extravirgin olive oil Masseria Papone.

We produce an extra virgin olive oil natural, authentic and honest in a very favorable area of Italy as climate and conformation for this type of cultivation. After COLLECTION olives are immediately taken to the mill and extraction is done with the traditional cold method and natural, sustainable settling with the environment. Focus is on quality and not on reducing costs, this creates a flavorful oil, slightly spicy and bitter because of its high content of polyphenols, natural antioxidant health benefits.

Cooking use.

Both raw or not, extra virgin olive oil is indispensable in the kitchen. On salads, on toast ( toasted bread ) with tomato and ham, to flavor some vegetables, to illuminate our dishes and stews, roasts or to flavor meat and grilled fish, for frying, extra virgin olive oil should never miss in our homes. You can find some ideas for new recipes by clicking on this link: RECIPES .

Our product.

The extra virgin olive oil is definitely one of the best products of Italian gastronomy. What differentiates a pure extra virgin olive oil is the process used to obtain it. To be extra virgin, the oil must be extracted from olives by purely mechanical processes, such as pressing or centrifugation. Among these olive oils only the purest and with best organoleptic characteristics will be selected as extra virgin olive oil. The usual quality criteria for extra virgin olive oil are:

Acidity. It ‘a chemical parameter that determines the amount of free fatty acids. A lower acidity corresponds to a higher quality. Thus, heartburn is a general indicator of poor quality extra virgin olive oil. Acidity is an anomaly resulting, among others, by the poor condition of the fruit, ill-treatment and poor preservation.

Peroxides. It determines the initial oxidation of an oil, and also indicates corruption that may have suffered natural antioxidants such as tocopherols and polyphenols. It is measured in MQE of active oxygen per kilogram.

UV spectrometry (ultraviolet) K 270, K 232. Measuring the absorption of an oil at different lengths of certain waves (K270, K232 Oxidation Control) provides information on the quality of oil and its state of preservation. The Delta parameter K is used as a criterion of purity for detecting mixtures with refined oils.

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