Masseria Papone - how to choose quality extra virgin olive oil

How to choose extra virgin olive oil

Choosing extra virgin olive oil is really that simple? What are the parameters to identify a quality product and distinguish it from refined products?

There are many opinions on this subject, even if unfortunately most consumers almost do not pay attention to the oil they buy. Or worse still, the purchase is completely unaware and guided by ignorance.

The first thing to check is the place of origin of the olives. The place where the oil is produced does not always coincide with the place where the olives are grown. Often, especially large companies, they make oil in Italy but olives come from North Africa, Greece or Spain. There are on-line journalistic inquiry services that show semi-finished products that travel in containers by ship to reach the Italian coast and be bottled here.

Another very important thing is the year of olive harvesting. Extra virgin olive oil does not have an expiration date but, with the passage of time, its taste and beneficial properties fade.

The third aspect to consider is the variety of olive used. As for the wine there are monovarietal oils and blends. The varieties are varied and each variety has a different taste and goes more or less happily with the different types of food. Masseria Papone extra-virgin olive oil is a monovarietale ogliarola garganica. Other varieties on the market are: crusher, taggiasca, leccino, moraiolo, coratina, perenzana, biancolilla, cerasuola, nocellara del belice.

Extra virgin olive oil packaging
Choosing extra-virgin olive oil also means paying attention to the packaging. Extra virgin olive oil is best preserved in dark-colored glass bottles that filters the light and prevents oxidation of the oil or in practical cans. Both on the bottles and on the cans there must be a clear label that shows all the information to make an informed choice. To view our offer go to

And what do you look at when choosing an extra virgin olive oil?

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