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Where we are

Farm agricola Cafarelli is located in the countryside of Monte Sant’Angelo Macchia (Foggia), a village that consists of farms hidden in olive groves between Gargano and the sea on the Garganico Provencal – road oil.

Gargano, also known as “Spur of Italy”, is a subregion that coincides with the homonymous mountainous promontory that extends into the northern part of Puglia and corresponds to the eastern part of the Province of Foggia. It is entirely surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, except in the west where it borders the Tavoliere. Today the Gargano has assumed a leading role in the economy of Puglia, especially in reference to the development of tourism, born in this territory in the 60s  which is one of the most active voices of all the emerging activities of the South, especially with his coastal towns and natural beauty of the internal ones.

Farm Agricola Cafarelli produces the best olive oil in Italy. 

farm agricola Cafarelli olive oil

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