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Comprare online olio extravergine di oliva

Why buy extra virgin olive oil online?

The majority of Italians buy extra-virgin olive oil as well as other food and condiments directly at the supermarket.

The majority of Italians, among the multitude of proposals on the supermarket shelf, is influenced mainly by the price factor. The main reason is that they do not know the difference between an olive oil and an extra virgin olive oil and less than ever they know what acidity, peroxides and all those other indicators that would help to make a more objective choice.

The majority of Italians, unlike what happens for example in wines, does not have enough experience or sensory memories to be able to distinguish the oil produced by one quality of olives rather than another.

It is strange that all this happens in a country with a millennial tradition in the olive growing sector and that is based on a large part of its renowned cooking on olive oil. It is equally strange that large industrial companies in the olive oil sector, while retaining Italian names, have passed into foreign hands.

To access a quality product, we therefore believe that the best way is to address small producers directly. With commitment, effort and passion we work to offer an extra virgin olive oil of excellence. The Internet gives us the opportunity to make this opportunity available to a wider audience.

All those who during their summer holidays in Puglia, and in particular in the Gargano area staying in the various seaside resorts between Mattinata and Vieste, have tasted on bruschetta, on bread and tomato and on fish, salad, grilled vegetables and all the other Apulian specialties the Ogliarola Garganica monocultivar extra virgin olive oil can now be ordered without transport costs directly online. Deliveries are made throughout Italy via express courier.

We are sure that once you have tried the Masseria Papone oil, your supermarket trolley will be lighter and you will continue to stock up directly from our website.

Why buy extra virgin olive oil online?

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