Masseria Papone on Lorenzo Vinci extra virgin olive oil on sale

Masseria Papone su Lorenzo Vinci

Masseria Papone on Lorenzo Vinci
A few days ago, the Masseria Papone oil is also present on the Lorenzo Vinci e-commerce platform.
As a “producer” we have a discount of 10 euros for each purchase of more than 50 euros. The code to insert is “papone2017” and can be used throughout 2017 on ALL products in the catalog and not only on our oil. Good shopping

We are happy that a prestigious online store dedicated to lovers of Italian gastronomic excellence such as Lorenzo Vinci has selected and included in its catalog the extra virgin olive oil Masseria Papone. We are sure that those looking for quality can not be content with buying products at the supermarket. If you want, or if Lorenzo Vinci product was sold out, you can buy directly through our site at the link:

We will try to forge partnerships of this kind as much as possible. A good way to make our reality known to a wider and lover of good taste.


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