Masseria Papone: Olive harvest Puglia Italian extra virgin olive oil

The olive harvest

The olive harvest begins in early October when the green drupes are beginning to be tinged with purple. It was very hard work that didn’t receive, over the centuries, great transformations: after laying under trees big tarpaulins farmers made drop olives shaking trees branches with long poles to reach the highest branches. Women also participated in the collection , using their bare hands, on the lower branches or catching the olives that had fallen off the tarpaulin, as evidenced by a press of the end ‘ 800.

olive harvest

In recent decades farmers used to leave the olives from the branches, iron rakes (photo 1 ), plastic (photo 2 ), scissors combs (photo 3 ) and subsequently short sticks.

how to make olive oil
Foto 1 – Iron rake
best olive oil in the world
Foto 2 – Plastic rake
genuine olive oil
Foto 3 – Scissors comb

Only  in recent years the mechanical harvesting is widespread with the use of pneumatic combs that have the advantage of not spoiling the olives, because it is fundamental, in order to obtain a good oil, that olives are intact and that they are pressed a few hours after the collection.