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Our customers: Mutual love

We do work with great passion in our family company and are particularly proud of the affection we receive from our customers. This page is dedicated to them!

Our customers like our company and year after year continue to buy our extra virgin olive oil Masseria Papone. Some recommend it to their friends; others simply thank us by sending messages that fill us with pride.

What our customers tell about us

Opinion about us:

“Your  oil is always good, but this year it is even better”;

“Today I finally tried your oil. Great, tasty, … In short, the oil that we love. Keep on the great work! “;

“Your extra virgin olive oil is still great, it tastes very sweet and  is very fragrant, it’s almost 10 years that I buy the oil from you and I´m sure I will continue to do so”;

“Since I use your oil my perception of taste has changed. I would never be able to return to using the oil sold in supermarkets. It has a completely different flavor and scent “;

“Your oil creates dependence. It’s a pleasure to taste it raw on a slice of bread. I would not want anything else for dinner. “

If you would like to send us feedback about our Olive Oil “Masseria Papone” or if you want to get more information on how to order it, do not hesitate to contact us via EMAIL

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opinion about us olive oil extra virgin Italian

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