Pitted olive oil made in Italy Masseria Papone olio extravergine

Pitted olive oil Masseria Papone

At the beginning of 2018 we promised interesting news and finally we can officially announce that our product range is extended with the introduction of pitted oil.

Masseria Papone extra-virgin olive oil is a product for gourmets and fine palates. It is obtained by separating the olive pulp from the core before the kneading phases. The result is a lighter oil without losing the fruity fragrance and lively taste of our native Ogliarola Garganica cultivar. The absence of the core minimizes the presence of polyunsaturated acids, making the oil more fluid and resistant to oxidation.

PITTED Masseria Papone extra virgin olive oil is ideal for steaming fish and vegetable dishes because the taste of the dish is not overwhelmed by the taste of the oil that will enhance its taste.

In order to make the most of a product that is so exceptional, we have decided to give these bottles an exclusive and elegant look that combines well with the refined taste of the pitted oil Masseria Papone. The label has a blue background like the ever sunny and cloudless sky of our beautiful Gargano. Stylized there are two olive twigs, with precious gold-colored fruits that represent the richness of our land.

Masseria Papone pitted oil is addressed not only to gourmets and fine palates but also to restaurateurs who want to offer an exclusive condiment capable of enhancing the dishes of their restaurant. The elegance of the bottle and the label makes these bottles particularly attractive for luxury restaurants. For information fill out the CONTACTS form

To order directly your bottles of pitted extra virgin olive oil directly through this link: PITTED OIL

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