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Prodotti a km 0

From today we are also on the Products 0 Km portal in the extra virgin olive oil km zero section. It is a portal dedicated to promoting small farms by making them known to consumers by skipping the intermediation of the large distribution network.

Masseria Papone married this project because, as reported on their site http://www.prodottiakmzero.com/ the advantages of this system are many and in particular:

– economic: the absence of intermediaries and the lack of transport bring down product prices by at least 30%.

– environmental: very small packaging and lack of transport make CO2 emissions practically nil.

– higher quality of products: the products are still sold very fresh, with the certainty that they are national foods.

– seasonality, being local products are necessarily seasonal.

– sustainability, in terms of support for local communities.

– cultural aspect: the approach of the consumer to the rural reality allows a direct contact with nature, animals, the land and the knowledge of the products that it offers us.

Extra virgin olive oil km zero


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