Masseria Papone save money buying quality olive oil from Italy

Tanto spendi tanto appendi

An old adage says “you spend so much hanging”, another “who spends the most money spends the less”. Pursuing savings at any cost is not a wise choice even when it comes to buying extra virgin olive oil.
I will give you a little food for thought. Official listing of extra virgin olive oil on October 25, 2016 at the Bari Stock Exchange: €. 5.80 / kg. This is the price paid today to the producer by the brokers.
Add the mediator top-up, packaging, transport and advertising costs.
The manufacturer intended as a packaging industry and the final distributor also have discrete profit margins.
This means that it is not mathematically possible to buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the supermarket for less than 8/9 euros.

Oil is a product that we use daily for our food and the per capita annual consumption in Italy is on average 12 kg. It is not foolish to jeopardize our health and that of our loved ones to save, as I know, ten cents a day?

Always favor direct purchase from the manufacturer.

Allow me, in this regard, to report the new website of the family company:
If you are interested in tasting our oil and buy it, contact us in private to take advantage of discounts reserved for friends.

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