Christmas presents extra virgin olive oil Masseria Papone from Italy

Un regalo di Natale speciale

It takes just over a month to Christmas and it is always difficult to find an original gift that can make the people we love happy. We at Masseria Papone offer a special pack of three 0.75-liter bottles of extra-virgin olive oil. Definitely a useful and valuable gift that with its taste will brighten up for several months the people who will receive it. The extra virgin olive oil is natural because it is obtained by cold pressing of the olives, healthy because it has antioxidant properties, good because it allows you to prepare tasty recipes. It gives Masseria Papone extra-virgin olive oil to make people understand that they will receive it, that we care about their well-being, their health and the pleasure of their palate.

It is possible to proceed with the purchase directly from this link: CHRISTMAS GIFT

In the order form you can indicate the address of the recipient of the gift and in the field “NOTE” the message you wish to be attached to the package.

Speciale Natale regala olio extravergine di oliva Masseria Papone


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